Vincent de Kooker

Foto: Jeroen Verheugd

I started my work as a painter after i finished at the high school for fine Arts in Amsterdam after this i felt the desire to learn more and graduated at the Royal academy for fine arts in The Hague. From this point on i continued working in my own atelier in The Hague. For me there always was this urge to create, i think you know this from childhood. My first paintings were very close to realism, i painted mainly still life. With still life you can control the setting and hide messages or meanings which i really liked. I started to exhibit on varied spots, galleries and artists association where collectors bought my work. After a period of developing i felt the need to work more abstact, still derived from realistic setting but the message is hidden deeper. This way of working created more room for different interpretation and i find that interesting.

Now i am at the point were i make assemblages from different materials and combine this with oilpaint.